Pitchkid Title Capitalization

August 13, 2021 — A few words on song title capitalization.

6 Capitalization Rules for Song Titles

  1. Capitalize First and Last Words. The first word and last word in the song’s title should always be capitalized. This is true even for words that would not be capitalized if they were located elsewhere in the song title.
  2. Don’t Capitalize Articles or Conjunctions. In most situations, conjunctions (and, but, or) and articles (a, an, the) should not be capitalized in song titles (or any other titles). This is true unless they are covered under the first rule, which would mean that they have to be capitalized due to being the first or last word in the title.
  3. Capitalize Long Prepositions Only. When a song title includes a preposition, you have to consider how many letters are in the word when deciding whether or not the word should be capitalized. With prepositions, words that are four or fewer letters (in, out, by, for, from) should not be capitalized. Prepositions that are five or more letters (across, among, beyond) should be capitalized.
  4. Capitalize All Other Parts of Speech. With the exception of articles, conjunctions, and short prepositions, words that represent all other parts of speech should be capitalized when used in song titles. This includes verbs, nouns, pronouns, adverbs, adjectives, and interjections.
  5. Capitalize Even Short Verbs. It is a common misconception that short verbs with only two or three letters (is, am, are, be) should not be capitalized. However, this is not the case. All verbs should be capitalized when used in song titles. This includes even the shortest helping verbs.
  6. Capitalize Phrasal Verbs. When a song title includes a phrasal verb, which is a group of words that functions together as a verb, all of the words in the phrase should be capitalized. This is true regardless of word length or part of speech. There are many examples of phrasal verbs.Review below examples of phrasal verbs likely to be used in song titles, where they should always be capitalized:
    • Beat Up
    • Call On
    • Come Back
    • Do Over
    • Fill In
    • Find Out
    • Hang Up
    • Leave Out


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